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Ananú (b.1973, Lima). After finishing her studies in London, she currently lives and works between Barcelona and London. She graduated from Bellas Artes at the University of Barcelona and then went to London to do an MFA in Painting at the Slade School of Fine Arts. Later she studied a Post Graduate degree on Education and works as an artist and teacher. She has shown her work in group exhibitions in London, France, Lima and Barcelona. Her work was acquired by the Univesidad de Barcelona in the “Patrimoni 09”.

In her work she develops contemporary painting where drawing, installation, objects and photography co-exist in a world where boundaries are blurred but it is clearly a painter’s perspective. The objects, lines and the use of space put in evidence the subtle margins that surround us. There is a feeling of nakedness when it comes to the exploration of materials, their innate nature, their contradictions, and their simplicity work as translators of everyday urban life. The way the work is presented, its interactions, the surface, is what initially communicates. Recognizable materials are handled with a care that adds a different interpretation to the environment we all share. Alternative architectures that live with invisible presences.

Ananú´s work seeks to abstract feelings and ideas where we are taken to a territory where poetry, humour, loneliness and doubt is explored. It is a work that reveals a presence found images that trapped in memory represent a part of life: as strong and fragile as it can be.


In my work, I try to explore painting with a strong awareness of space, using different formats, materials and the line as a way of communicating. Without the intention of renouncing to a traditional approach but playing with the idea painting and its blurred limits.

The absence of colour underlines an experience that can communicate beyond the implicit. In this context, the usage of simple materials is important; their nature being what justifies them. The physical space and the way the work relates within the space is very relevant as part of the format that I give to the work.

I try to abstract our every day in the city, synthetizing, looking closely at what surrounds us and the way we try to interact and relate with what surrounds us. The fragility of our own nature, contradictions, the reality and the beauty in simple or discarded gestures are subjects that I like to deal with.  In this process I try to search and create a world that finds its “home” or a place where it belongs.

Objects that with memory and time create a mental process that tries to get rid of social conditioning and try to speak of themselves.

Ananu Gonzales-Posada


Presences? Of what? Of who?
Where they not only drawings? Paintings, objects…
Or maybe someone, an archaeologist, Ananú has discovered, has brought out to light…
If for one moment, one instant, we stop, we hear ourselves, we will see, we will feel presence… The presences of a world that was… That has returned.

Fidel Balaguer




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